Tapestry Dance Project Tapestry Dance Project
Improvisational Transcultural Belly Dance is a creative movement style which celebrates and honors a variety of cultural styles. It is a structured non-verbal language inspired by core focused dances from around the world, including Middle Eastern, Indian, North African, Spanish, and Modern dances. There is no choreography. Dancers learn a vocabulary of steps, and they improvise unique dances using this vocabulary. They take turns leading and following each other. It is an elegant and earthy "in the moment" style, which celebrates connection and community .
Improvisational Transcultural Belly Dance is a low impact form of exercise and expression. It benefits all ages and body types. Beautiful movements blend organically into mesmerizing, meditative dances. As a performance dance, it is beautiful, powerful, and deeply moving. But there is never any pressure to perform in public. Improvisational Transcultural Belly Dance is first and foremost a social dance. We dance for ourselves and for each other. We dance to build community. We gain strength and flexibility, and we get a gentle aerobic workout. We let go of our stress. We study and honor the cultures that have influenced our dance. We enjoy the sensual stimulation of world music, flowing scarves and veils, beautiful costumes, rhythmic movement, and supportive companionship. We learn to appreciate and care for our bodies and our spirits. We nurture each other. We work hard, and we have fun! .
Tapestry Dance Project performs group improvisational transcultural belly dance. Our vocabulary is blended, with Paulette Rees-Denis' Global Caravan style as our primary lineage. We also incorporate moves from other transcultural fusion vocabularies, and we create our own.