Tapestry Tribal Bellydance Tapestry Tribal Bellydance
The women of Tapestry Tribal love to dance together!
We perform a unique style of belly dance that has affectionately been called "Old School Tribal." It is a structured non-verbal language created in America, which is inspired by Middle Eastern dance with influences from around the world, including Indian, North African, Spanish, and Modern dances. There is no choreography. The dancers exchange lead and follow roles in a unique group improvisational format, supported and enhanced by the evocative rhythms and haunting melodies of their live musicians.

Tribal Belly Dance is an elegant and earthy " in the moment " style, which celebrates connection and support among women.

Tapestry 's dancers were originally members of Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance. PTB was the first Tribal Style Bellydance troupe founded in the Philadelphia area. Fleur Frascella began the troupe in Center City Philadelphia in 1999. Fleur left the troupe in July, 2007, and the remaining dancers created Tapestry.